The Prometheus Revolution

World Premiere performances

Grimeborn Festival, Summer 2018


Fulham Opera present the World Premiere production of Keith Burstein's new opera: The Prometheus Revolution.

Directed by Sophie Gilpin

Musically Directed by Ben Woodward.

Star-crossed lovers, rebellion and revolution against the backdrop of a corrupt political class. What would you sacrifice for lasting peace?


Following the sensation 'Manifest Destiny' at Edinburgh 2005 and London 2011 - Of all of the performances this year, this is the one to see (Edinburgh Guide Review) -  Keith Burstein’s new opera is a ravishing vision of our society crossing beyond the threshold of war towards a new age of peace and mutual respect.

The music is often redolent of high romanticism and shot through with pathos- and ironic humour, at times even laced with resonance of vaudeville, broadway musical and pop ballad.  A dark parable unfolds as the modern day activists within a peace movement find themselves playing out the eternal myth of Prometheus who took the fire from the Gods to give it to the mortals - but paid the highest price for their audacity.

We premiere this production in the centenary year of the end of World War 1;

Fulham Opera, along with a glittering cast present that most rare thing - a melodic and intensely lyrical new opera of passion, power and high emotion,  presenting a radical and challenging evocation of the moment Humanity takes charge of the world.

7, 8, 10 August 2018 at the Arcola Theatre, Dalston, as part of the Grimeborn Festival


Peter:  Alex Haigh
Rosemary: Olivia Barry
Aaron: Robert Garland
Pandora: Lucie Louvrier
Des: James Schouten
Wona: Caroline Carragher
Iris: Luci Briginshaw
Zapruder: Nick Dwyer
General Clarke: Gerard Delrez
Hanson: Ian Wilson-Pope
Delia: Christie Cook
The TV Reporter: James Bowers